Dan Chipp

Personal Trainer

Exercise has always been a key part of my life. I've played in various school sports teams and smashed various mud/obstacle races (in particular Spartan races). Throughout all of this, weightlifting and functional training has been a staple in my training. I am a very strong advocate of health and well-being - your health is a lifestyle which consists of both physical and mental elements. Over the years as a personal trainer I've built a wealth of knowledge and experience, discovering people's potential and helping them change their lives for the better. So no matter where you're starting from and what your goals are, I'll work with you to achieve them in an effective and efficient way.

• Running Biomechanics

• Weight Training

• Movement screening and posture correction

• Kettlebells 

• Sport specific training

We are the only Exclusively Inclusive premium gym in the whole of the UK. Our facility welcomes everybody and anybody who wishes to improve themselves within our safe and non judgmental community. 


Unit B2 & B3 Commerce Park, Frome, Somerset BA11 2RY

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