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Personal Trainer

Jordan Philips

With a background in boxing, football and athletics, I have been able to cover a large variety of training methods and techniques. My great love for these sports is what inspired me to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Being a perfectionist in regards to form, execution and planning allowed for a very easy transition from athlete to coach. Passing these techniques onto other people has become second nature.

I pay very close attention to detail with exercise form, concentrating on specific muscle groups whilst linking it closely with the physiological side of exercise. This process is how I get such great results for my clients, the results then enhance motivation and that feel good factor, that’s what I’m all about.

My overall purpose is not to just help people physically but to also be a supporting figure with improving habits and decision making. I believe these are the most important factors and it motivates me to help make positive changes in your life.

 Let’s do this together!!

Personal Training
Private Group Training (3-6 People)
Pad Workouts
HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training)

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What’s Your Inspiration?

Being able to positively transform a persons life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Playing a major part in bringing them all the way up in their darkest and most challenging times.

Describe Your Training Style

Training smart and specific to muscle groups to avoid tension and or stress on other irrelevant body parts.

Explaining tin depth to my clients, teaching whilst training is a massive part to my sessions, when a client understands what or why they’re doing something the more effective the training becomes.

What are Your Guilty Pleasures?

I can’t help but nail a whole packet of Choc Chip Cookies.

Im a sucker for binge watching my Favourite tv shows.

What Your Best Tip for Reaching Fitness Goals?

Frequency and consistency is the best way to gain results.

Explore training methods to find what you enjoy the most, enjoyment brings you through the door!

Keeping the sessions fun and entertaining, this keeps the clients thinking, smiling and coming back for more!

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Founder & Owner

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

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